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the lunar year

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The lunar year


The Lunar Year is an alternative indie folk band based out of Philadelphia, PA. The group is led by front woman and writer Katie Burke. Other members include Steve Heine, Zach McCaw and Kevin Walker.

The origins of The Lunar Year's music can be traced back to Burke's childhood and adolescent years, deeply rooted in a myriad of musical genres. She grew up under the tutelage of her father, who commenced her first fascination to groups such as The Beatles, Billy Joel and The Beach Boys. In her later years, she found a love for Classical/Romantic era composers such as Schumann, Tchaikovsky and Wagner. These influences help to cultivate the ethereal, veracious and often celestial sounds that are found throughout Burke's writing.

"You'll find honest and personal lyrics, as well as relatable stories in The Lunar Year's repertoire."
-Vanessa Jertschewske - House in The Sand

"Sombre piano chords that fade out into the atmosphere, while the vocals of Katie Burke effortlessly flow alongside. It immediately aims for the heartstrings with certain lyrics in particular sticking out as the daggers"
-Adam – SGblog, UK

"How often can you say, in all honesty, that a song took your breath away? That was exactly what happened when I first heard ‘Porcelain’, I daren’t do anything to disturb the divine calm of this song’s delicate beauty."
-James Fenney - Belwood Music, UK

"It’s hard to assign a label to The Lunar Year, when their music styles range from folk, jazz, pop/punk, and classical. But, that’s exactly what they seem to want"
-Susanne Spires - Music in Motion Ohio



Vocals, Piano - Katie Burke

Guitar, Vocals- Steve Heine

Bass - Zach McCaw

Drums - Kevin Walker




News & Updates



April 30th, 2017 | "Backyard Deck" Single Release

June 16th, 2017 | "Herodias" Album Release

June 23rd, 2017 | with Laster, Teratogen | The Shrunken Head | Columbus, OH

June 25th, 2017 | The Campfire Experience | Lancaster, OH

July 1st, 2017 | with Rosu Lup, The Chairman Dances | Boot & Saddle | Philadelphia, PA


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